Getaway Friday #2

So this is our second Getaway Friday and you can find the first one here. This may be super obvious but I would like my Getaway for this Friday to be to London (with a wedding invitation) so that I could have seen this wonderful wedding in person. Do you think I am lame for staying up all night just to watch the wedding of people I don’t even know? Tough. If I had been there it would not have been so lame would it? It wouldn’t have been 4 am and I would have been wearing an awesome little hat. Maybe something like this:

Pretty, right?


I think my dress might look something like this:


Matthew will be wearing something incredible dashing of course


After the wedding we would have had tea and crumpets with the Queen. Yup. Cause in my Friday Getaway, I am awesome. What about you? Let me know if you stayed up all night to watch the wedding (so that I won’t feel so lame) and let me know via comment if you post a Getaway Friday on your blog! If you don’t have a blog just comment and tell me where you would take a Getaway if you had the chance this week!

“Happy Getaway, even if you are just dreaming at your desk.”

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2 Responses to Getaway Friday #2

  1. tiffany says:

    My getaway is always to the beach, with my family. I’m not much for crowds of people to watch someone I don’t know get married in a much hyped up event. But to be at the beach? To be at the beach with my family? Yes please. Any day.

  2. vividpeach says:

    My getaway would be warm and dry==it has been raining like crazy here in MN.

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