June Update Photo!

Sorry for the big ole red heart on her face, but here she is! Our Annie girl! This is her at three months old, she is so tiny!

I was looking around on the internet today and found a website where I could plug in her numbers and she what percentile she falls in compared to other babies… 0.6%. My little Annie girl!

Just in case you missed the memo, we aren’t showing any photos of her face until we are approved to be her parents from the court in Taiwan. As soon as that happens I will be posting some photos for you!!!!

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3 Responses to June Update Photo!

  1. sally says:

    Thank you for the sort of picture – but you can tell she is a cutie!

    And, we found this too, when we looked at our son on growth charts when he was a baby, someone pointed out that it was based on American babies, not foreign born Taiwanese babies – i wonder if that would make a difference?

    And I will stand by for the picture of her sweet face!

  2. Missy says:

    She is so beautiful Tara! I was wondering if ya’ll were still doing the t-shirts. I really wanted one but got sidetracked with my mom going through four surgeries and being so sick. Just message me and let me know:)

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