Not much happening. Just a bunch of paperwork.

So today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, Matthew and I will spend our days running around trying to get our adoption paperwork finished and sent off to Taiwan. We wouldn’t have had anything to do tomorrow BUT the notary for our home study is different that the notary of all of our other paperwork (the home study agent had his own notary for the home study and we used a free one from Matthew’s office to do the rest of the paperwork!)

That wouldn’t be too big of an issue but in the State of Alabama before you take your paperwork to the Secretary of State to have the notary’s notary confirmed, you have to have it done in the county first.

Still not too big of an issue except for…our two notary’s are in two counties. We called Baldwin county this afternoon after hearing that Mobile county wouldn’t confirm a notary from another county and the Probate Judge wasn’t in all day today so we would have to drop it off today and pick it up (hopefully) tomorrow.

Still not too big of a deal…except for the only place we can get all this done is 40 miles from our house. Ugh. Oh well!

Part of sending in our paperwork is sending in a family pictorial that they can take to court and show the judge. Pictures of the family, house, pets, nursery…you get the idea. So, I took some photos of the nursery today and here you go!

This is the view from the door, I see this every time I walk to my bedroom. I can’t wait to see her in this room

Artwork above the twin size bed in her room

One day, there will be a baby girl in this crib but until then, she has plenty of friends keeping her bed warm 🙂

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One Response to Not much happening. Just a bunch of paperwork.

  1. Wendi Payton says:

    I well remember those days of walking in the kids nursery and looking around waiting for the day when they would come. It is a great reminder of what is to come!! I would go so far as to look in the rear view mirror in the car, and think about how great it would be when the kids were there. Enjoy these quiet evenings with Matthew and REST , you’ll need it but when you are tired just remember the road you took to meet Annie!!!
    Wendi Payton

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