4 weeks ago today.

We were matched. I can’t believe that it has already been four weeks! A lot has happened in four weeks on one hand, but that is 4 weeks without being able to hold my daughter, see her smile or smell her sweet baby skin! It has been four weeks full of driving, appointments and paperwork. We are four weeks closer to buying plane tickets, four weeks closer to bringing her home. A lot can happen in four weeks!

-Sent a package to our daughter

-Filed the I-600A

-Got a package from Taiwan (paperwork)

-Got a June photo update of our girl

-Found out our package arrived safely

-Got it all notarized here in Mobile and Baldwin county

-Got it notarized in Montgomery

-Got it notarized in Atlanta (TECO)

-Sent it back to Tawain

-Found out our paperwork arrived safely

-Got our I-600 fingerprinting appointment for July 5th

-Found out that they filed our paperwork to petition for a court date

In the next four weeks:

-Hoping to get our July photo update

-Hoping for a soon court date

-Hoping it goes by as quickly as this past four weeks

-Knowing that it will bring us another four weeks closer to our daughter.

P.S. It’s almost Annie’s four month birthday! I think that calls for celebration, don’t you?

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