I really wish that we could be there with Annie right now, but I do have to say that she is being so cared for and loved that it makes it a little easier to bear! There are a few people who stay there over the summer and volunteer at The Home of God’s Love. College students who give up their summers to take care of babies until the mommies and daddies can come to take them home. I have started to build relationships with some of these volunteers and they are wonderful!

Not only do they take care of my baby girl but they encourage me! Every time I get to read one of their blogs even though it has nothing to do with our Annie it is such an encouragement and reminder that Annie is being so loved even if I can’t be there! Say a prayer for these volunteers today! Pray that they can have energy and health to make it through the summer, that the Lord will grant them wisdom and keep them from becoming discouraged.Β  Last time I knew there were 17 babies at the orphanage and 4 volunteers…do the math!Β  There are a lot of opportunities for these volunteers to become discouraged, sick, tired, and homesick. PRAY!

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4 Responses to Volunteers

  1. Sarah H. says:

    Hi Tara!

    My name is Sarah, and we too are hoping to adopt through THOGL. Right now we are waiting for them to open up the process to new families again. We are SO excited and can’t wait to bring our little one home. We’ve been married 8 years and are SO SO ready to be parents!

    I’ve been following your blog the past couple of weeks…Congratulations on being matched with Annie! I can’t even imagine how exciting that must be! I’m sure she is beautiful! πŸ™‚ I’m praying that you hold your daughter in your arms very soon!

    Would you mind sharing some of the volunteers’ blogs? I would LOVE to read about their time in Taiwan, be able to pray for them etc.

    I’m looking forward to following your journey to Annie…and seeing her picture! πŸ™‚

  2. Danielle says:

    Im right there with you praying!! We are so thankful for the volunteers and caretakers at THOGL for taking care of all the babies especially Landon (&Annie too) praying:)

  3. Mommy & Wife says:

    πŸ™‚ Yep! They work their butts off! Praying too!

  4. Rebecca Gibson says:

    i know this is an old post but i just found your blog on the THOGL facebook page and was reading through the archives. thanks for writing a post like this! I volunteered at thogl in 2009 and it is a very demanding, exhausting job! In my case, we worked 13-15 hour days, two of us caring for up to 15 babies, with no days off ever. i was only there for 3 months, i know that others go for even longer.
    i am not complaining at all… i cherish that time and i think about Taiwan every single day! But knowing that the parents care and pray for us is so helpful and encouraging!

    i cant wait to go back in november!

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