Big Update. Like HUGE.

We not only got our July update but we also got our first court date scheduled!!!

First, the July update:

Matt and Tara,
Annie is doing great and now weighs 9.9 lbs and is 21.6 inches long. She has
really started developing even more of a personality, and it has been so
much fun to watch. She’s taking her bottles more consistently now, though
there are occasions when she takes smaller amounts. She is sleeping in the
big baby room now and sleeps very well, usually only getting up once in the
middle of the night then she eats again when we feed all the babies at the
early morning feeding.
She giggles a lot now and observes everything around her. She has also
started reaching more for toys and can roll over. Typically, we lay her down
on her back at night but she’ll move to her side to get more comfortable.
It’s hard to believe how strong her little legs are. She absolutely loves
standing on our laps and just being talked to. Although she is still a tiny
little thing, we’ve definitely seen growth and can tell she is getting
bigger. So we pray that continues!
Enjoy the pictures!
Thanks for the package you sent for Annie!
Ted, Bev and Everyone at THOGL

Second, the court date,

Our first court date is set for JULY 22ND!! Yay! This means, if everything goes well we could be traveling as soon as SEPTEMBER!!! We originally were told not to expect to travel until FEBRUARY!!! How wonderful is that?

We are so thankful for everything going so smoothly so far!!

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5 Responses to Big Update. Like HUGE.

  1. Sally Healy says:

    What amazing good news! Every bit of it, but especially the court date! What happens at the first date, and do you have/get to go?

    Thank you for passing along such good news!!

    • The first court date they go before the court (for us) and present our case. Then after the judge reviews everything and the minimum 10 day waiting period has passed he gives a final decree. It could be much longer than 10 days, there are some families that are waiting on final decrees and it has been over 10 weeks!

  2. MamaLisa says:

    Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!!!
    Love the update…the caretakers seem to really love “OUR” Little Annie. So thankful they are taking such good care of her. Can’t wait to hold that precious baby girl.

    “Dear Lord, We praise Your name for answered prayers! If possible, could You have the court on July 22nd also issue a final decree? We know it is in Your hands and You can do all things. Thank You Lord for helping Annie get home quickly. IN Jesus name, Amen.”

  3. Danielle says:

    so so so so happy for you guys and the court date… we will be praying… right now we are waiting to see when ours will be… pray it comes quickly!! 🙂

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