Two random stories from today

So my husband came home from work and said “Honey, I think I might have leprosy.” Thinking that he was being silly and knowing that he had a couple of nasty looking bug bites on his leg I thought nothing of it and then he said, “Seriously honey, could you please look at it?” Sure babe, come here…I look and sure enough what I thought was a couple of bug bites had spread and looked WAY more like a rash than a few simple bug bites. I said, “That is not leprosy, that is poison ivy!” Turned out, he had gotten poison ivy from helping my dad put in a chicken coop this weekend. He saw what he thought looked like a  poison ivy plant while clearing out some space for the chicken coop and asked my dad if that was what it was and dad replied, “it’s never bothered me…” Matthew took that as a no it wasn’t poison ivy and touched it…and apparently itched his leg…and his arm…but that isn’t the end of the story…

Turns out my husband really thought he had leprosy and in a rare dramatic moment thought out what would happen if this was really leprosy. He worried about whether he would lose his job, if he could ever get a new job and what Annie and I would do without him. It was so cute and kinda funny 🙂

Next story…

Matthew and I were driving this evening on the interstate to meet his parents for dinner (which was awesome by the way) and we saw the most bizarre sight on the side of the road. At an interstate exit sign in the middle of nowhere were about 15 bikers huddled around the sign. talking. that was it. The bigger problem is there were only like 5 bikes for these 15 bikers and one of the bikers was in a white bathrobe, another was about 50 years old with a leather midriff shirt and pigtails. Very strange.  Not sure what they were doing there….any ideas?

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2 Responses to Two random stories from today

  1. Whoa!!! Poison Ivy?? I’m so glad RJ didn’t get it! I’m not allergic to it, so I should be the designated poison ivy remover from now on 🙂

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