A Very Special Day!

Happy 1st Birthday

to the cutest most adorable

Miniature Schnauzer on the planet!!!

Theo at 7.5 weeks old, right after he came home

Theo all grown up!
For his birthday Theo is getting a nap, a snuggle and a couple puppy snacks!

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One Response to A Very Special Day!

  1. amber says:

    Thank you for your encouraging note you left on our blog the other day. Your note was the “kick in the rear” I needed to finally post again…it was something God had laid on heart weeks before but I’ve stayed so “busy” I’ve been putting it off 🙂 I’m SO EXCITED to hear your GREAT news! We have been praying for ya’ll and will continue to. Also, I saw a friend of mine on the coast that has followed our adoption closely because they are also very interested in adoption. She was asking me Sunday if I know much about the TAIWAN process. I of course told her about your blog!!! SO be expecting some questions coming your way very soon:) I know the 22nd can’t come soon enough for you but we are covering you in prayer!

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