About to be banned

Banned. Matthew and I aren’t banned yet, but after adding Annie to our family, we will be.

I saw a story on Yahoo about a restaurant in Pennsylvania that is about to ban kids under 6 from their restaurant.

They say that they have had too many complaints from customers who are tired of hearing screaming kids while eating.

I have a few of questions for you:

     Would YOU go to a restaurant that banned kids under 6 on a date (if you have kids)?

If you don’t have children would YOU prefer to go to a restaurant that bans kids under 6?

Should there be restaurants that kids under 6 aren’t allowed to go to?

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2 Responses to About to be banned

  1. Lesley says:

    Yikes. Although it would be lovely to go out to a restaurant once in a while and not have to hear any kids doing what kids do, I am more annoyed by many other things.
    How about they ban:
    1. talking loudly on cell phones?
    2. being rude to the waitress so loudly that we are all embarrassed for her?
    3. making a rule that every adult must wear pants that hide their underpants and butt crack?
    Anyways, I can go to plenty of places that I can guarantee there will hardly ever be kids. I would pay extra to go to a higher end place and have quiet rather than go to a family friendly place and have them ban families with small children. I’d feel like I’m supporting jerks!

  2. tiffany says:

    Yeah, Lesley makes some great points. You kind of know which restaurants will have families and which won’t and you deal with it. Although we surprise a few when we walk into a sushi restaurant with our 3 yo (she loves shi-shi!). I’d probably get so used to not going there it wouldn’t even be on my radar.

    Sad, they’ll lose more money this way.

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