Not sure how to say this, but…

we have had a hiccup in our adoption journey. It was looking like our travel date was going to come so quickly and we were just about to start thinking about packing! Our first court date is at the end of the week and we were thinking surely it wouldn’t take very long from there.

It still might not be very long until we travel but we did get some very sad news that could impact our travel. We aren’t sharing the details because parts of this story we are leaving for Annie to tell as she grows up. Please pray with us and for us as we try to figure out what our next step will look like.

We should have a clearer idea of where we are headed after our court hearing at the end of the week. It could be as simple as an extra court hearing but we really have no idea.

We are feeling a little confused and very sad but we are choosing trust and not fear.

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5 Responses to Not sure how to say this, but…

  1. MamaLisa says:

    “Dear Lord,
    Please be with Tara, Matt, and Little Annie. Lord, we know You are in charge of all things. We know that Your timeing is always the right timeing. Keep all of us focused on You and how You arew going to solve this situation. We thank You in advance for taking care of Little Annie.
    In Jesus name, Amen.”

  2. Danielle :) says:

    God’s plan has been in place for your family before you were even born. He’s working out the details in your Annie’s life as well. All for His glory! Imagine! LOVE you friend and am praying for His peace this week! Happy thoughts! 🙂

  3. Sarah H. says:

    I can’t imagine…Praying for you guys and for Annie. Isn’t it amazing to know that God loves our children (and future children) even more than we do and that He works all things out for the good of those who love Him?!

  4. tiffany says:

    Definite prayers!! This is only a hiccup, and Annie will have a story to tell. Proud of you for choosing trust over fear, that has won a battle right there.

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