August Update

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend! For those of you who don’t know, we get regular updates about Annie in the first couple days of every month. We have been super busy with anniversary celebration (went to the beach) and the Adoption Auction so I haven’t posted about the August update yet.

Here it is:

Matt and Tara,
Sweet little Annie is doing great and now weighs 11.1 lbs and is 22.8 inches
long. She is such a precious girl who loves to smile and giggle. We love to
watch her try and talk and her laugh is priceless. She is really getting
stronger every week and we really hope to see her sitting up on her own
soon! She does great playing on her tummy and reaching for toys no matter
what position she’s in. She usually is most comfortable sleeping on her side
or on her belly and has a tendency to hold the little blanket you sent.
She is eating pretty well but does still get up around midnight or so to
have another bottle. We normally begin baby food at six months old for our
babies here, so she’ll start that twice a day in a few weeks! It’s hard to
believe she is as old as she is by just looking at her size, but with her
personality you can definitely tell she is her age!
It was great to meet your friend Alicia.
Enjoy the attached pictures!
Ted, Bev and Everyone at THOGL

Adorable, right? The photo we got is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to show everyone how beautiful she is getting! Soon hopefully!


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One Response to August Update

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wow. How precious, Tara! We are just super excited for you guys! Praying, praying!!

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