18-Wheelers, Explosions, and the Lord’s Provision.

big title, right?!

The other day Matthew and I were driving home and we were less than a mile from our exit. As we merged to get ready to pull off of the interstate, we had to pass an 18-wheeler on the left hand side of the van. As we started passing the 18-wheeler we heard a huge BOOM and it felt like there had been an explosion. It seemed like time stopped.

With our ears ringing we tried to figure out what happened (we are still driving down the interstate!) and we noticed that one of the 18-wheeler’s tires had exploded within just a couple feet of the van and tread was flying everywhere. We heard it hitting the van and the smell of burning rubber filled our vehicle.

I turned around to look behind us and the car behind the 18-wheeler was blaring her horn. The entire driver’s side of the windshield was shattered. It looked like someone had thrown a bowling ball at her face but thanks to the safety glass she wasn’t injured.

We were all so blessed that there was not an accident and no one was injured. There were a few scratches on our van but no real damage. Just three pretty scared people!

Feeling very blessed and very thankful.

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