A Message from Theo (and an introduction)

Hello everyone, I hope you remember me. My name is Theo and I am just over one year old. I am a pretty big deal around here but I think I have been usurped.

About two months ago I started to hear talk about something called, “new puppy” and how much they wanted to get one.

Then about three weeks ago I started to hear my people talking about “Nora” and they kept saying that they couldn’t wait to go pick her up. Then a couple days later they went away for a little while and came back smelling like another dog. They kept talking about how exciting it will be to bring home the new little dog.

Today it happened. Nora came home.

She is an 8 week old Miniature Schnauzer like me.

Not sure about her yet though. She sure does sleep a lot.

Okay Theo, that’s enough. Tara here.

We got Nora today after looking for a while for the perfect puppy for our family. Not only did we want to get a second dog but we wanted a second dog at least on the way to being trained before our girl comes home from Taiwan.

We hadn’t planned on when exactly we would get another puppy but after meeting her mother and seeing how sweet her temperament was we fell in love instantly (especially Matthew)!

I hope she becomes a good friend to Theo.

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