We have a…


December 14th, 2011. That is 23 days from now.

It is going to take place at 11:30 am there which in the US would be 9:30 at night on December 13th…which would be 22 days from now…

I have to say this is the part of the journey we need the most prayer. This is where the most fear lies.

We have been here before and failed to bring our daughter home. The next 22 days will be the hardest for us so far. Please pray that the Lord provides peace and joy through this waiting process. That He will provide rest and comfort.

Pray for Amelia. For her birth mother. 22 days from now will probably be the hardest of her life. She will decide before the courts that she wants to say goodbye to her baby girl forever.

Pray for her.

Update: I received some wonderful advice from a fellow adoptive mommy that has walked this rough road before me and she said, “The trick is to remember that this is a whole nother/different child. The circumstances are different, God is working in this child’s life and yours differently. It’s a fresh start. It’s really hard to get to that spot though. Each day wake up and tell yourself, it’s a new day and His mercies are new. Tell Him you trust Him and you are trusting YOUR child to Him. Remind yourself daily that this is Amelia’s story NOT Annie’s story. One day at a time, one day at a time.”

What a perfect word. I am so thankful the the Lord provides people in our life that can speak truth and hope.

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8 Responses to We have a…

  1. janie says:

    YAY!!! Praying for you and Amelia. We can’t wait for more news!

  2. Sally says:

    How does adoption work in Taiwan these days? After the (successful) court date, do you get to bring her home? What, if any, is the waiting period? Are two trips needed? I am very excited for you!

    Praying His will be done.

    • This should be pretty straightforward. Only one trip and a minimum 10 day waiting period. There are a few forms we have to wait on after the court date but other than that everything should be great!

      • Sally says:

        so is there any chance you could be home by Christmas day then?

      • There is always a chance I suppose but it would be more realistic to say we could be traveling on Christmas Day! Praying that we can get home before the end of the calender year for sure!

      • Sally says:

        And you have probably been hearing stories about the tax refund – make sure you save EVERY receipt, even if they are in Chinese and from the 7-11 (you can get a slurpee there). When we did our taxes last spring the IRS wanted a copy of every.single.solitary.receipt, regardless of the language it was written and regardless of how trivial the expense. Save everything!!

  3. Danielle :) says:

    Such great news!! We waited 3 months for our 1st court date! 23 days is AMAZING! Praying God holds you during this time! Yes, His mercies are new every day!
    LOVE you, friend! 🙂

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