Our Little Ladybug

Matt and Tara,
Your little ladybug is doing great. She now weighs 11 lbs and is 21 inches
long. She is so sweet and loves to cuddle up and snuggle in your neck. She
is starting to play more now and loves to kick around and has started
holding onto toys. Her little expressions are so cute with her chubby
cheeks, and she grins when we kiss her cheeks or chin! So sweet! Her hair is
starting to feel and look a little thicker, so you’ll have some beautiful
hair for bows or headbands! Something to look forward to definitely!!
She hasn’t been a very consistent eater lately, so you can be praying that
she’ll eat better. She does take full bottles occasionally, but we’d like to
see her eating more so she doesn’t get hungry every two hours throughout the
day 🙂 She has been sleeping wonderfully at night, though.
Her cry kind of sounds like a little baby kitten, so that’s a fun fact for
you! Sometimes we aren’t sure if she is actually sad or just making cute
little noises.
Enjoy the attached pictures!!
Blessings to you this Christmas Season!

Did you hear that?! We have a snuggly little baby with LOTS of hair! Praying that our sweet girl will start eating better, I know it can’t be easy to have her needing to eat every two hours. Praying for that Amelia will go easier on the volunteers and start eating more regularly!

We received two photos with our update, one of her in a Alabama football onesie and one of her in a little leopard outfit (her first Halloween costume)! I can’t wait until I can post pictures to show you what her little face looks like!!

For any of you who read the blog that didn’t read it before we are choosing not to show any pictures of her face until after the first court date. We made the same decision when we got matched with Annie and I am so glad we made that choice.

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3 Responses to Our Little Ladybug

  1. Tara says:

    Love this!!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Very exciting, I love how they give you so much information!

  3. janie says:

    What a precious update! Praying that all goes well at the next court date.

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