Rejoice with those who rejoice

I just wanted to share some things with you that have just made my heart overflow with joy today.

First of all some of our friends who are waiting to adopt their little girl, the Whitmer family, just got notification that their translated documents are headed back here to the States!!! Why is this a good thing? Well, once they get those documents approved here they get to send them back to Taiwan and apply for a court date.

Our excitement for them is so huge. We have been praying that this paperwork would get translated and back to them so that they can get their little daughter home. Their baby girl is at The Home of God’s Love with our precious Amelia! Pray for them that they can get this paperwork done quickly and sent back to Taiwan. Pray that they will get a court date soon. Pray that they can be united with their daughter SOON! You can find their blog here.

Second of all, another family adopting from THOGL just found out that they get to travel! They are leaving either the 13th or 14th (our court date) to meet their precious baby boy. Once they started looking at last minute tickets to Taiwan they realized something; tickets had shot up in price by thousands of dollars so close to Christmas. About 12 hours ago they put a plea on Facebook and their blog that if anyone could donate to help with the surprise cost to do so.

I am elated to tell you that their costs have been covered. More than covered. They have made up the difference in ticket costs and will be able bless THOGL with a gift once they arrive. Friends and strangers joined together to help bring this little guy home. Glory be to God! You can find their blog here.

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2 Responses to Rejoice with those who rejoice

  1. Sarah says:

    God is SO amazing!!!! We are so thankful! Thank you for celebrating with us! Can’t wait to meet both of your precious daughters!!!!

  2. Sally says:

    Do you know about Golden Rule Travel? They specialize in adoption/missionary/humanitarian travel and they are WONDERFUL! We used them on our second trip to Ukraine and they saved us a bundle – I wish we had known about them sooner.

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