Thankful on Tuesday

Remember this post? It was written 22 days before our court date. This is what I said,

“We have been here before and failed to bring our daughter home. The next 22 days will be the hardest for us so far. Please pray that the Lord provides peace and joy through this waiting process. That He will provide rest and comfort.”

Do you know that we are now only one week until our court date and I haven’t even noticed all of the days passing. Not everything has been a joy ride the past couple weeks but the Lord has given us rest, comfort, peace and joy.

Rest: I have been able to have a schedule simple enough that even though I can’t always sleep at night I have time for naps during the day.

Comfort: Phone calls, emails, Facebook messages and lunch dates with people who care about us and Amelia. People who encourage us, pray for us and make us laugh.

Peace: You know in Philippians where it says, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” That kind of peace is what we have had. Peace beyond understanding.

Joy: In little things like Christmas lights and music. In things like packages in the mail. In snuggles with our puppies. In warm blankets on cool mornings. In hot tea together every day. Joy. Even in the dark and hard times.

Of course this journey hasn’t been easy. It has been really hard at times I have been very honest about that during this whole process.

But even in that He has been surprising and faithful and good.

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2 Responses to Thankful on Tuesday

  1. Matthew says:

    How about joy in Christmas cards from friends in Australia! I enjoyed that!

  2. “Surprising/faithful/good” Yes!!!! That is our Lord!
    Y’all are in my prayers daily. HUGS…. Mama Lisa

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