For all of you who want to know…

Our court date was December 13th. Everything went really well and the judge upheld the mother’s 10 waiting period to change her mind about the adoption. That was over on Christmas Eve! Amelia is legally free for adoption now we are just waiting on some of the final papers to go through the courts. Once that happens, we travel!

***Edit 1/4/11: There was a little miscommunication. The ten day waiting period does not start until the first papers have come back from the courts (which we are still waiting on). Pray all of this goes quickly. I want to hold my daughter so badly it hurts!

If your next question is, when? sorry. We don’t know. It could be two weeks…it could be six weeks…it could be 10 weeks (even though I really hope not!!) Just keep praying that these final papers go through quickly and everyone stays on the ball.

I can’t wait to hold our girl! I sure hope it is soon. By the way, my first baby shower is a week from today!!! How exciting?!?

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One Response to For all of you who want to know…

  1. Caitlin says:

    Yay! So happy for you! Still praying Amelia home as soon as possible and safe too!!!

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