When to move, when to sit still?

That is the question I have been wrestling with over the past week or so. I know that our adoption could move VERY swiftly once we get the word that the court papers have started moving again. I know that I have to pack for over a week in Taiwan. For two adults and a baby. I haven’t ever packed for a baby before. Regardless of the fact that I have no idea how big she will be…or that I will be halfway around the world away from all of the things I have so carefully prepared for her. So we have been sitting still.

Until Saturday. We had our first baby shower Friday night (more on that in a later post). I spent the day Saturday making lists and seeing what we still needed. I have pulled out our suitcases and started figuring out how much formula a baby will drink from Taiwan to Mobile. How many wipes? How many diapers? What else will she need? What kind of toys will entertain her but not take up too much space?

So many questions but the Lord has provided us time and friends with more wisdom than we have. So we will take advantage of the time and prepare now while we have clear heads. We are thankful for our fellow THOGL parents who have gone before us and have the knowledge to help us prepare for this journey to bring our Amelia home.

Please pray that our first papers will move through the court quickly so that we can get to the next step of our process!

Also, please pray for me, I have been sick. Slept from Midnight on Saturday until 5pm Sunday. Also have been running a fever off and on. Ready to be feeling better!

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