Nursery Renovations

Our Nursery has surely been a work in progress. It started off very gender neutral and we girl-ified when we got matched with Annie. It got redone to be a baby boy’s room when we brought David home. It got redone as a little girl’s room for Amelia and redone yet again for our new girl. I have to say this redo is my favorite yet. Feminine and mommy friendly. I can’t wait to see a baby in here.

If you want to know about the mural you can go here.

I love this part of the room! This changing table was a $10 craigslist find. I paid more for her changing pad cover than I did for the table!

This my least favorite part of the room. I need to do something over the crib. Any ideas? I have a pennant banner I made that I could put up but I think it needs something else to go with it.

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3 Responses to Nursery Renovations

  1. verbeach says:

    I love it! Very pretty, and calming.

  2. verbeach says:

    I love it! Very pretty and calming.

  3. Love this space! What a gorgeous nursery!

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