The Day.

The day we met our daughter was a day I can’t forget. We got off the plane in Taiwan planning to meet our friend Alicia, the catalyst to us choosing to adopt from Taiwan, but she was no where to be found. We were tired and not really sure what to do. So Matthew headed up an escalator thinking that maybe she went to the wrong place to meet us. About 5 minutes later I saw Alicia walking into the airport. The waterworks started. We hugged and cried and hugged and cried some more. She explained her bus had been late and she had been praying the whole way over from her apartment that our bags would be the last ones out of the baggage claim…guess what…they were!! At that point we looked around and realized Matthew still wasn’t down from going upstairs. Right as we started to worry about where he was he came down the escalator. A few pictures later and we were on a bus headed towards…well…Starbucks which led to a taxi…

At Starbucks getting some energy for the next leg of our journey!!

That taxi took us to another bus…the bus to the town Mary Alice was in!! Here we come baby girl!

Alicia and I waiting for the last bus to bring us Mary Alice

Once we got close enough to Luodong (our final destination) we called to have someone meet us so that they could drive us to The Home of God’s Love.

Matthew checking out the map in Luodong trying to figure out where we are!

Once we got picked up in town we were on the final leg of a very long trip. We headed up the palm tree lined drive and I felt the tears coming. I kept telling myself, “keep it together, keep it together…” Surprisingly, it worked! Next thing I knew we were walking in the door I never thought I would get the chance to walk into…the door leading me to Mommyhood!

Get the rest of the story in the next post, coming soon!

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5 Responses to The Day.

  1. Megan Volnoff says:

    You booger!!!! I mean, i know the rest of the story, but still. Leaving me hangin!!

  2. janie says:

    Love it, love it, love it! I was changing Spencer this morning and thinking of how sweet it is to have our little bundles home with us after so much longing. Shawn and I agree that the only thing more awesome than having our baby home is watching our adoptive friends bring their babies home as well!

  3. Caitlin says:

    Is it soon enough for the rest of the story yet????? Love it!

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