Shopping with baby and a change of perspective

There are a lot of times that having a baby is different than that romanticized ideal that I had been carrying around for the two years or so before Mary Alice came home…shopping with baby is one of those times. One of our favorite places to go and just browse around is a shopping center about 30 minutes from our house. We (used to) go there for the day and just walk around, window shop and people watch. Then we had Mary Alice.

Mary Alice woke up in a terrible mood this morning so we couldn’t leave until she had taken a really good nap…so we left later than normal. We were about 15 minutes away when Matthew said, “Why do I smell coffee?” I said, “Ummm…babe, that isn’t coffee. That’s poop.” Yup a stinky diaper. Good timing right? We got her nice and clean and then we thought it would be cute to take her to the splash pad that is at the shopping center…

There were tons of kids running around looking adorable. Yelling and splashing with their parents sitting close by and watching. Of course our baby couldn’t exactly run around so Matthew brought her to a nice calm little water spout…we figured it would be no problem, our baby loves water!

yea, right.

She hated it.

Well, the day wasn’t looking too promising.

We decided to try out our umbrella stroller and that actually went pretty well…for a little while…

Yup. No browsing around Barnes and Noble for us…

The trip wasn’t as long as our normal trips but it was nice to sit back and think…I would have given anything to be this scatterbrained and busy. Walking around with a fussy infant (that was mine of course) was something that I could only dream about happening.

It is easy to get bogged down in the day to day things of taking care of our sweet girl. It is nice to step back and remember what things really matter. I am so blessed to be this wonderful little lady’s momma.

Even though it was a kind of crazy afternoon it was a nice change of perspective. I love my life. Even the whiney, poopy, crying times.

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