7 month update

I wrote this post on August 28rd and it got lost in the shuffle until October 23rd. I just dated it to post when I had originally written it…sorry about that!

Our girl is now officially SEVEN months old! Where have the last couple of months gone? I really have no idea. When we met our girl she was a thin, quiet little 4 month old infant. We now have a chubby, active, silly 7 month old little lady who seems to be turning into a toddler right before my eyes.

She is changing a lot right now. Mostly in terms of her social interactions. She is getting really silly. She now laughs a lot, laughs were really rare until the last couple of weeks. She also fake laughs. She will do this really dry sarcastic sounding fake laugh if you do something that isn’t quite funny enough to earn one of her real sweet giggles. It is hilarious. If we laugh at her when she is fake laughing she will keep doing back to us to make us keep laughing. Cute, right?

She is also in a kind of clingy stage. She wants you to be close enough that she can see and touch you. She doesn’t need to be right in your lap or anything, she just doesn’t like us to go more than an arm’s length away. It’s nice to know she wants us so close but not so cute when I need to do something.

I don’t know how big she is right now, we don’t go to the pediatrician for another well baby check until she is 9 months old but she doesn’t seem to have grown much since her 6 month check up. I would say probably around 14 and a half pounds. She is only in the 25th percentile for her age but she sure seems heavy enough when I am carrying her around the house!

She is becoming very mobile right now…sort of. She is becoming very wiggly. She isn’t really crawling (even though we have seen her do it) because she has no motivation. There is nothing she wants badly enough to crawl for. No toy, food, or person has been able to tempt her recently to keep crawling. She is just happy laying on her belly and screaming until she gets what she wants.

My sweet girl is changing every day and I am so blessed to get to be a part of every minute!

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