4 Months Home!

Can you believe we have been home for four months?! I can’t! When we came home we had a baby who had just started rolling over in one direction, couldn’t sit up unassisted and was still drinking 4 ounce bottles at every feeding.

Everyone waiting on Mary Alice to arrive!

Mary Alice meeting her Nanny, my mom. Love at first sight for both of them!

Mary Alice meeting Nathaniel, who was adopted from the same place she was. She was so tiny!!

That tiny baby is now:

-sitting up very well

-reaching out for people when she wants them to hold her


-pulling herself up to standing position

-eating table food (including things like TACOS!)

-developing a sense of humor

-eating one 8 ounce bottles every morning

-GROWING and LEARNING every day

Eating a banana with her PawPaw last weekend. They have so much fun together.

That little girl is a precious, independent, fiery, serious, goofy, sassy, snuggly, little bundle of blessing. I couldn’t be more blessed to be her momma. I missed the first four months of her life and don’t plan to miss one more second.

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One Response to 4 Months Home!

  1. mrsvolnoff says:

    Love this gal!!!!! Yesterday when you posted on your status about MA being home longer than not… It took me a minute. I was like “where did she go??” Totally forgetting that she had a longer journey home. It’s like she’s always been here 🙂

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