Adoption Awareness Month



Last November we had just found out that our first referral, Annie, had been taken back by her grandparents and we received our second referral, Amelia. You can find that here. Every thing was kind of up in the air and we were trying to mourn losing Annie and celebrate our new referral. Little did we know what would happen. Everything stayed up in the air until February when we got our referral for a precious 4 week old bundle of love, Mary Alice. We got her home only to find that bonding wasn’t going to be instantaneous.

All that to say, adoption isn’t usually simple. It isn’t normally easy. It also doesn’t end when the baby is in your arms.

With adoption awareness, I don’t think it is just about making sure people know that there are orphans needing homes.

I think it is about making sure that people know that:

-there are children needing homes.

-there are birth families who need compassion, information and support.

-there are prospective adoptive families needing information and encouragement.

-there are in-the-process-families who need support financially and emotionally.

-there are newly adoptive parents who need to hear they aren’t alone.

-there are adoptees who need access to records, information and support.

This is just a sampling of all the things that I think go into building an awareness of adoption. I plan on posting on all of these things as well as some wonderful adoption stories during the month of November. We will see how much I am able to get to, as Mary Alice becomes more mobile I find myself having less and less time to do things like blog!

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One Response to Adoption Awareness Month

  1. What a great, informative blog post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following your blog through Facebook. I’m so glad you have your baby girl!

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