I’m a huge slacker

I really am. Things have been majorly escaping me in one area in particular. I know that I am a new mom and things are bound to fall to the wayside but there is one thing that is suffering that I feel terrible about.


By that I mean Compassion International. The organization we sponsor 5 children with. The one that we went to Uganda through to visit 2 of them which you can read about here and here.

We are still paying the bill every month but sometimes it seems like just that, a bill. I feel TERRIBLE about it too. Since we have been home, whenever we get letters I barely skim them anymore. With all of the up-in-the-air with the adoptions and traveling and being home we haven’t written letter in I don’t know how long. I feel so guilty reading those little ones precious words of thanks. I don’t deserve it.

I have had the opportunity to wrap two of these little ones in my arms and meet their families and see the need. But I forget. I forget how much they mean. To me. To my husband. To Jesus. We committed to them. Not just to send a check. We committed to write, to pray, to raise awareness. We have been failing. Big time. When was the last time I blogged about Compassion…February 2010…


I am committing to write, to pray, to raise awareness. I am planning to blog on Tuesdays about Compassion. Whether it be snippets from letters they have written, snippets from letters I have written, information about their countries, or how you can help, I am going to write. If you are already a sponsor maybe it will help keep you motivated to keep your commitments to your sponsor child. If you are not a sponsor maybe it will motivate you to commit to a child.

I hope it makes a difference, even if the only difference is in me.

If you are a Compassion sponsor and would be interested in guest posting a Talk Compassion Tuesday, please email me at: tarafraser@overwhelmedbyjoy.com

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One Response to I’m a huge slacker

  1. Making others aware of the Compassion program is a great idea. We presently are sponsoring our second child. We sponsored a little boy several years ago. Now we have a little girl and are excited to be helping her. Thank you for sharing your idea at WJIM this past week. Blessings.

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