syrup soppin and name that rooster

Did you know you could sop syrup?

until 2 years ago, I didn’t!

2 years ago my dad found out about a festival about an hour from where they live called the Syrup Sopping Festival. It happens every year about this time and has been going on since 1972!

It was Mary Alice’s first year to go to the festival and she seemed to enjoy looking around at everything going on.

It is mainly a chance for my dad and husband to get what they think is the best syrup on the planet…soppin syrup. It is made from Sugar Cane and it is the thickest syrup I have ever used. It tastes great but it is so thick it makes whatever you are sopping it with (biscuits normally) break into pieces.

The festival also has a lot of artsy craftsy booths and lots of food! Matthew, Mary Alice and I went this year with my parents and 2 brothers, sister-in-law and niece.

We had a lot of fun hanging out and the girls did so well in their strollers! Their dads pushed them around most of the time and this is what it looked like…

We had to make a bottle pit stop for MA and she decided she wanted to be fed like a little baby goat by my mom.

While we were there, not only did we get some of the much awaited syrup but Matthew and I brought home a little something extra…

Yes, he is a little metal rooster. We have a problem though…he needs a name…

Any ideas? If we get enough ideas I may put it to a vote here on the blog.

Some names have been suggested:


-Professor McWaddles

-Foghorn Leghorn


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2 Responses to syrup soppin and name that rooster

  1. mrsvolnoff says:

    I personally like Ralph šŸ™‚

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