If you give a baby a cookie…

We have been working with Mary Alice on putting food in her mouth and well…she has other ideas. She isn’t super interested in food to begin with and if she has to work for it…she doesn’t want anything to do with it.

She is MUCH more interested in flinging her food off her high chair. Which our sweet puppy Nora doesn’t mind. She has really developed a taste for puff snacks, sweet potatoes or anything else Mary Alice drops her way.

Earlier this week however, Mary Alice felt the need to holler at her teething cookie before she sent it overboard. She held it right in front of her face with both hands and lectured it for a good 45 seconds or so before she flung it over the side. It was hilarious!!

Even if she isn’t getting a ton of food in her belly, it does keep her occupied for a good half hour and I count that as a success!

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