He has always not forgotten…

In January 2011 we went to Uganda (as my Christmas present) and had a wonderful experience. As part of that experience we met two children that we sponsor through Compassion International, Charles and Hilda.

This is a letter that Charles sent to us (written through a Compassion staff member) in December 0f 2011, almost a year after we met him.


Tara and Matthew Fraser,

Charles sends his lovely greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Charles says that he has always not forgotten that dear time that you spent with him in Uganda. He says that the memories are still fresh.

He says that he received the letter and the pictures that you sent for him and he appreciates the love you have for him.

May God bless you for the Christmas gift that you sent for me says Charles. He says that he brought clothes and sweets. Charles also sends you pictures of the time when you came to visit him in Uganda, come again says Charles.

This little man could hardly look at us and I don’t think he spoke to us directly the entire time we were there. He was so timid, but you know what? In every letter after our visit he has asked us when we are coming back, told us to come back or told us he would love to see us again.

I remember leaving that visit thinking that he didn’t care that we had come. I remember feeling a little hurt that he didn’t respond the way I thought he would. I think I was wrong.

Going back and reading the story of our visit with him brings back so many memories. Those memories are all tinged with longing, I miss Uganda. I miss Charles.

That little man and his family changed my life.

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