Adoption Awareness Month: A Breakdown

It’s official! Adoption Awareness Month has begun!!

I know I have been sneaking a few posts in here and there over the past week or so, but oh well…I was just too excited to wait.

I just wanted to give you a little breakdown as far as what the next month will look like.

I am having (Lord willing) at least one guest poster a week who will be sharing their adoption story. These guest posters have seen adoption in a variety of different ways. I have guest posters who:

-have adopted internationally

-have adopted domestically

-are in the process of adopting internationally

-have seen a family member adopt

The schedule at this point is:

November 2: Dear Mary Alice by Megan from

November 3: The Day: Part Two (the second part of this post)

November 5: A guest post by Natalie from

November 9: A letter to my daughter by Matthew (my hubby)

November 12: A guest post by Lindsay from

November 15: Our Journey to Parenthood by April from

November 16: The Ease and Confidence of Motherhood

November 19: A guest post by Tara from

November 21: A guest post by Katherine from

November 22: How you can help by Megan from

November 23: God had other plans written anonymously

November 26: A guest post by Jillian from

November 28: A guest post by Elizabeth from

November 30: The Dougless Family is Adopting! by Keri from

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