Compassion Blogger Trip: Peru

Guess what today is??

That’s right, Talk Compassion Tuesday!

Today we are focusing on the Compassion blogger trip to Peru that starts today!!

Compassion Bloggers Peru Trip 2012


There is a team of four bloggers witnessing the work that Compassion is doing first hand. Having taken a trip to two Compassion projects in Uganda I can tell you, it changes your life. Everything. The way you eat, play, work, love…everything. Seeing the needs of the children you sponsor in such an up close and personal way, it humbles you. Sets you on fire.

Who is on the trip?

Angela Smith from Bring the Rain

Jennifer Schmidt from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Kevin and Layla Palmer from The Lettered Cottage

and Shaun Groves from

How can you support this team as they travel?

PRAY. Pray for health, for emotional and physical strength. For words to communicate what they are seeing in a clear and inspirational way.

READ. Read their blogs, follow along with their journey.

SPONSOR. It would make them so happy to know that children were being sponsored in response to what they are seeing on their trip.

SHARE. Share photos, posts, information about the trip so that other people can follow along with what is happening as bloggers experience Compassion in Peru.

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