The Dougless family is ADOPTING: A guest post

Today’s guest post is by an in-the-process adoptive mommy named Keri. She blogs here. Her family is in the process of adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you would like to donate to their adoption journey you can make a tax deductible donation here.

Hello Overwhelmed by Joy Readers!  I’m honored to be writing up a guest post for Tara’s blog.  I hardly feel “worthy” considering my own blog gets neglected far too often.  However, the topic is, of course, close to my heart…and so, how could I possibly turn up the opportunity?

There are so many aspects of adoption that I could write about.  I feel so inferior about many pieces of the adoption world, considering this is my first go ‘round.  So, I’m going to focus on how and why my husband and I have decided to grow our family through adoption.

Travel back in time with me about 11 years ago.  It was my first year out of High School, and my husband’s Senior year in High School.  Just that summer, I had gone to Haiti on a mission trip.  My most favorite part of being in Haiti was visiting the orphanages and playing with the children we met in various places.  One particular day of the trip, we went “house calling”.  We were visiting homes in the city, praying for the families.  We entered one home and a lady walked up to me and handed me a tiny baby.  She said something to me, but of course, I didn’t understand the foreign language.  The translator explained that the baby had been very sick and she didn’t think she could keep it alive much longer. He said that she was begging me to take her baby home with me.  I was 18 years old…but if it had been a real possibility, I would have said yes.

I came home from that trip and eventually had a conversation with my boyfriend (now husband) telling him that I knew God wanted me to adopt a baby, internationally, some day.  I was relieved when he said he thought that would be a good idea.  So began our “dream” to adopt internationally.

Over the next 11 years, we dated a while longer, married, my husband finished college, got his first ministry position in a state far away from home, and then almost 4 years ago, we started our family with our sweet and spicy daughter.  We never forgot our dream to one day adopt…but because of the regulations in Haiti, we were patiently waiting to have been married at least 5 years.  Adoption always seemed like such a far away dream, something that would happen “one day” when everything is right.  We were waiting to be married the “right” number of years.  We were waiting for our finances to be “right”.  We were waiting for the timing to be just “right”.

In our waiting, we eventually moved back to our hometown for another ministry position and met a couple that we became close friends with.  They had adopted internationally a couple times, and soon announced their plans to adopt internationally again.  We were able to “walk through” the process with them…sharing in frustrations, fundraising, praying, etc.  As their adoption journey came to an end, and they brought their little boy home, my husband and I began to pray and talk earnestly about it being time to begin our journey.  We wanted to be sure that we weren’t making the decision based on our emotional involvement, so we prayed for a few months.  When the few months were over, we still felt just as convicted as before.

The waiting is over…yet, to be completely honest, nothing seems quite right.  Adopting from Haiti didn’t work out…instead we’ve been blessed to fall in love with another country.  Learning about their culture and people…praying for that country to see even just a glimpse of Jesus’ love.

Financially…we are no better off now than we were 3 years ago, or 5 years ago.  Technically, we will likely never be able to afford adoption on our own.  But we have been blessed in so many ways, financially.  We have seen God provide the funds needed over and over again, in just His right timing.  We’ve been humbled by the need to ask for help from a community that loves Him and wants to be obedient the best they can.

As far as timing…if it were up to me…and my selfish ways, I may have decided to wait until after I’d had one more biologically.  I’m finally at the age of feeling my body and energy slow down.  I don’t feel so “young”…even though I’m not really old either.  Lord willing, we would like to have at least one more biologically, and even adopt at least one more.  I don’t know God’s plan, how that will all play out…but I will admit that due to my sinful and selfish desires, I have sometimes wished that we would have “planned” differently.

Even though things don’t seem quite “right” to me.  I know that ultimately it’s not about me and my selfishness, or my sinful desires.  It’s about following Jesus.  It’s about loving Jesus, and loving others, more than ourselves.  That’s what is truly right.

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