Christmas Cards?

I am one of those people, I love Christmas cards. I think they are the best. I look forward to sending and receiving them every year. I love seeing how my friends and family change as the years pass and plan to make a scrapbook out of the cards we have gotten since Matthew and I got married. I am not going to show you the exact card we sent but I will show you the picture we took to go on the card…


I happen know a lot of people who aren’t fans of photo Christmas cards; the time they take to send out, the expense, whatever the case…sometimes you still need Christmas cards. If you are that person who needs to get some Christmas cards but prefers not to do photo cards, let me recommend Red Letter Paper Company.

Stephanie’s cards are unique, funny, sweet…they are really special. Here are some of my favorites…



I love this more classic Christmas-y card.



Sweet, right?!



So funny.

My husband really likes them as well. He loves how creative they are and let me tell you, he is hard to impress as far as these kind of things go. He wanted me to make sure that I tell you that he recommends them.

Stephanie was kind enough to send me 5 samples of her Christmas cards. The quality of the cards is superb. Since I send out photo cards, I decided to do a giveaway!

All I need you to do is leave a comment telling what you are doing for Christmas cards this year

We are going to do a short giveaway to make sure that you get them in time to send them to family and friends…make sure you enter by THIS Wednesday, December 12. I will draw a winner at 8pm on December 12th and post it on Facebook so make sure you have liked Overwhelmed by joy!

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2 Responses to Christmas Cards?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much! Love that your husband gives his seal of approval, too. 🙂

  2. Got your Christmas card! Loved it! Super cute! M really liked it, too. 🙂 Although it might have been more to do with the very cute baby on the front. 🙂 My go-to is Walmart. Ordered from them last year and I was pretty impressed with them. Lots of designs, layouts and options for front and back (and you can use cardstock or photo paper). Just ordered some from them again this year. MPIX is another good one. For us, it’s local, but it’s available online ( I’ll have to check this lady’s designs out! 🙂 (I’m hard to impress, too) 🙂

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