What You’ve Missed

So instead of doing a ton of catch-up posts, here is one big post to catch you up on everything important since the last time I posted. Warning: contains a ton of adorable pictures of the cutest kid ever.

Since December 12, 2012 (my last post before the bloggy break) you have missed:

Baby’s First Christmas:

MA First Christmas


MA turned 11 months old:

MA 11 Months


MA turned 1 year old:

MA first birthday 1


MA First Birthday 2


We welcomed a precious new nephew into the world:



One year referral-verary:

Feb 14, 2012 064allocated

Mommy got together with an old friend and MA made a new one:


MA wore her first ponytail:

First Ponytail


MA turned 13 months old:

MA 13 Months


Had a play date with her cousin:

Cousin Playdate


Cousin Playdate 2

MA turned 14 months old:

MA 14 months


MA’s cousin turned 1:

Madison turns 1

MA turned 15 months (my favorite age so far):

Ma 15 Month 1 MA 15 Month 2 MA15Month 3


I think that is everything major…I didn’t realize how many monthly updates I missed!



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One Response to What You’ve Missed

  1. Samantha says:

    She is SO darling! Congrats on a busy few months with a growing girl!

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