Memorial Day Weekend

We celebrated Memorial Day in Houston, Texas this year seeing one of my dearest friends tie the knot! It was our first time in Houston, my first time in Texas and we had a blast.

Texas Sky

It was a beautiful weekend and the wedding was perfect. It was great to catch up with a few people from college and to see the bride (and meet the groom!)

The Reception Hall

The Reception Hall
Bride and Groom 2

The First Dance

Baby Playing at Wedding

Somehow I didn’t get any photos of her from the front but I thought this was cute. She was playing peek-a-boo with one of the guests.

Daddy and Daughter

Hanging out with Daddy

Me and the Bride

The BEAUTIFUL Bride and I.

Our Family

Family picture…unfortunately MA was getting pretty tired at this point. She also got a wardrobe change. That poofy dress didn’t fit well in the carseat so we changed her right before we headed home.

Daddy Daughter 2

Kissing Daddy

While we were in Houston we stayed with one of Matthew’s cousins and I was able to meet her husband and daughter. She and her son came to our wedding (almost) five years ago so I was able to meet them then. Her daughter is about 8 months older than Mary Alice and her son is almost 7. They had a lot of fun having a baby to play with. They also had a pool so Mary Alice was able to swim for the first time. She was able to get in the pool a little last year but was only 6 months old. It took her a little while to warm up to the pool but once she did, she had fun.

Daddy Daughter swimming

Not so sure about the water…

Swimming 5 Swimming 4 Swimming 3 Swimming 2 Swimming

The drive was about 8 and half hours each way and Mary Alice hates sitting in her carseat to even go across town. Needless to say the drive to Houston was pretty interesting. By the drive home though, she was so tired she basically just slept and watch Lady and the Tramp (3 times in a row)…

Sleeping Baby

That long of a drive with a screaming baby…you find small ways to entertain yourself…


Oh…I forgot to mention…guess who got to go to IKEA in Houston????? THIS GIRL!!!

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