We’re Adopting Again!

I know that most (if not all) of you follow us on Facebook so you already know but we are adopting again! Mary Alice is going to be a big sister! Image   We had been thinking about adopting again ever since we brought Mary Alice home in June of 2012 and had even pursued a couple of options but nothing ever came of it. Last summer we really started thinking about starting a second adoption in earnest. In August I saw a picture on a friend’s Facebook page of a little girl she was advocating for, as soon as I saw her I felt a thrill rush through me. She looked like my daughter!

As I read the information that was with the photo I realized this precious little girl had a lot of complicated medical needs. I called Matthew and told him about her and sent him her picture. She was listed by a couple of letters and a number, CY-3. He wasn’t quite as convinced as I was that she was our daughter but encouraged me to at least request more information. We got her medical information and realized her medical issues were quite severe. We prayed and talked and took some time but felt confident that regardless of her needs this was what the Lord was calling us to.

We weren’t home study ready or anything, we had just started seriously thinking about adopting again! We rushed to get our home study done and to apply with the agency that held her file. The orphanage in Taiwan also had a lot of questions for us about our ability to take care of such a special little girl.

Once we had gotten their approval to continue with our home study we finished it up in February and got our official referral in March!

We are going to name our newest little girl Lucy, and she is only 58 days younger than Mary Alice! They are pretty much the same size but a year or more apart developmentally because of her medical challenges. About her challenges, we know she has a genetic condition as well as being vision and hearing impaired. Apart from that and we really don’t know what her prognosis is or what impact glasses and hearing aids will have on her ability to see and hear.

Please be praying for us as we continue towards Lucy’s adoption. We just got her court documents and will be sending those back to Taiwan in the next week or so. If you would like to help us as we work to bring home our Lucy girl you can pray for:

-a speedy process

-continued health for our sweet girl

-the Lord to provide the funds we need to finish paying the adoption fees as well as the airfare to get to Taiwan

If you are interested in donating towards those fees or the airfare costs we are partnering with AdoptTogether to raise funds. You can donate at www.adopttogether.org/thefrasers. All donations are tax deductible and any amount is a blessing. We will also be doing other fundraisers in the weeks to come so please stay tuned. You can follow our adoption journey here and on Facebook at our Loving Lucy Home Facebook page.

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One Response to We’re Adopting Again!

  1. Congratulations! I actually signed up to follow your blog several months ago and am pleasantly surprised to see your exciting news (as I’m apparently one of the few who’s not on your fb). Mary Alice is beautiful and I love the picture! She will adore being a sister. Love to see how your story is unfolding, thx for the update. Btw, we’re currently waiting for a referral from Taiwan. 🙂

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