Here is our timeline for our journey to adopt from The Home of God’s Love. I included most of our time line for Annie’s and Amelia’s adoption process as well as our precious Mary Alice’s journey.

In blue are the dates of birth for our girl’s as well as the dates that we got “the calls!” In red are the dates that Annie and Amelia left THOGL.

March 1, 2010- I sent an email to Steve and Charlotte Lang asking what the timeline was to get on the waiting list with THOGL

March 3, 2010- Got an application to adopt from THOGL

March 8, 2010- Sent our application to THOGL

April 6, 2010- Our references and application were officially in Taiwan

May 28, 2010- We are told to wait. We had not been married long enough. Were told it would be years.

Early February 2011- We are asked why we have not started a home study. Also told to get started because our names are coming up more and more often

February 15, 2011- We were asked for our contact information (cell phones and email so they could get in touch with us as soon as we received a referral)

February 24, 2011- Myau was born

Early April 2011- Sent completed home study to THOGL

May 17, 2011- They have home study and are having translated in preparation for a referral

May 22, 2011- We receive and email from Ted asking us to call them the next morning. Unfortunately I don’t get that email until…

May 24, 2011- Check my email and see the email from Ted. Call husband at work and turns out that this is the day! We get our referral that makes Myau our Annie Girl

July 16, 2011- Annie’s mother funeral. The day we found out our process wasn’t going to be typical in any way

July 22, 2011- Our first court date

August 19, 2011- Annie went home with her grandparents, the plan was still that they would bring her back to THOGL

September 12, 2011- Syau was born

November 1, 2011- We got “the call.” That little baby named Syau will hopefully be Amelia Jane Fraser! This day was bittersweet. This was also the day that we found out Annie would not be coming home as our daughter.

November 3, 2011- Ted and Bev sent Amelia’s paperwork from Taiwan to us in Alabama

November 4, 2011- The paperwork arrives in our hands

November 7, 2011- Went to Montgomery and Atlanta to process paperwork

November 8, 2011- The paperwork is on its way back to Taiwan

November 10, 2011- The paperwork is in Ted’s hands and they filed for a court date

November 21, 2011- We were given a court date: December 14, 2011 at 11:30am

December 14, 2011- The Court Date. The Judge gives Amelia’s birth mother 10 days to change her mind after signing the rights away.

January 28, 2012- Wu, Ya-Yin is born

February 8, 2012- Second Court Date. Birth mother changes her mind. Plans to take Amelia back in the next ten days.

February 22, 2012- We got the call! Wu, Ya-Yin will hopefully become Mary Alice.

March 11, 2012- Paperwork is in Taiwan and court date is applied for.

March 21, 2012- Court date is set for Mary Alice, April 14 9:30am

March 23, 2012- Third Court Date to close Amelia’s case. Her birth family is choosing to parent her.

April 2, 2012- Find out Mary Alice’s court case got moved up to April 6th.

April 6, 2012- Court date went well. Mother is confident in decision but retains her option of a 10 day waiting period to contest the adoption.

May 8, 2012- First paper arrived at THOGL. Time to buy tickets!!

May 10, 2012- Found out our AIT appointment was May 24th

May 15, 2012- After a little miscommunication we buy our final plane tickets. We also hear that Mary Alice’s first paper arrived back at the courts and the ten day waiting period has started.

June 3, 2012- Flew out of our home airport headed towards Taiwan to meet our girl!

June 5, 2012- “Gotcha Day,” we held our sweet girl for the first time!

June 17, 2012- Father’s Day and the day Mary Alice was finally home to stay!


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